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Name:The Dragon Age Dressing Room
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Dragon Age Roleplaying Dressing Room
The Dragon Age Dressing Room!

OOC Community: [community profile] outofarmor

This is a dressing room for all your sweet DA needs. All characters from Dragon Age are welcomed!

However, we do have rules!

1. Be nice! We want to have to have fun, right? Playing nice with everyone is going to ensure that we're having fun. This is, after all, just for pretend. Which leads to this next rule.

2. IC =/= OOC There is no bending on this rule. Just because Character A is antagonistic with Character B doesn't mean that the muns have to follow suit with them. If you don't like someone, you don't have to play with them. It's that simple.

3. No godmodding Ask permission first. You can't control another person's character unless the mun has given you permission for it. It's proper RP etiquette.

4. Rating Whatever you guys want! Just make sure to put a warning on a post if it's going to go beyond a PG-13 rating, and tag it with the !nsfw tag if it goes into adult territory. What you might like could make others feel uncomfortable.

5. Alternates It's a dressing room. It's possible that five Hawkes and three Alistairs and maybe even a couple of Dogs running around. Don't let the fact that other people are already playing a particular character stop you from bringing another one in; we want all of them.

6. Location? AUs? OCs? Everything is welcome so long as you keep it DA related. Want to set known characters in the modern world and see how they get on? Go for it. Want to make a Nevarran apostate shapeshifter? Go for that too. Want to play out a scene from the game, in all seriousness? Absolutely.

Have inquiries? Contact the mods!

Ashfae | [personal profile] questionablewit | ashfae at technicaldetails dot org
Kelly | [personal profile] noble_nate

We also have an AIM chatroom if you ever want to join us there @ thedasdressing
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